Can drinking vinegar soften blood vessels?

The nutrition value of vinegar is high, edible effect cannot ignore. Many people think vinegar has the effect of softening blood vessels. That’s the wrong idea. Drinking vinegar, sometimes not only does not soften the blood vessel’s role, but also may burn the esophagus and gastric mucosa.


Vinegar can increase the appetite, promote gastric acid secretion, so eat the food with vinegar, the appetite will increase greatly. It also reduces salt intake. If use seasoning, adding suitable amount of vinegar in dish, can reduce salt intake, but can make the food more flavor, there will be no food tasteless feeling, more effective to reduce the risk of suffering from high blood pressure and other disease of heart head blood-vessel. Vinegar as protective agent of vitamin C, can make the chemical structure of the water-soluble vitamins in food are more stable, make its not easy for cooking and decomposition, and can reduce the nitrite, better protection of vitamin C is not damaged. Of course, the vinegar has its unique advantages in the way of food poisoning, sterilization and freshness.

Atherosclerosis is a vascular disease that develops with age, and its rule is usually aggravated and morbidity in middle and old age, and more men than women. In recent years, the disease has gradually increased in our country, becoming one of the main causes of death of the elderly. Generally speaking, the softening vessel mainly refers to the softening of atherosclerotic plaque. Arteriosclerosis is a non – inflammatory disease of the artery, which can thicken the artery wall, harden, lose elasticity, and narrow the lumen. The atherosclerotic plaque is mainly composed of calcium and fat. If you soak calcium in vinegar, you can dissolve calcium, but calcium in your blood is different.

Although vinegar is acidic, it is difficult to change the ph of the blood in your stomach. Because the body has a lot of mechanism to regulate the acid alkalinity of blood, won’t because drink vinegar let blood become acidic. There is also a reason for blood to maintain a relatively constant ph. If the ph of the blood deviates from the normal range, it can be harmful or even fatal to the body. If you eat a lot of vinegar, you will also cause unnecessary damage to your body. Because the main ingredient of vinegar is acetic acid, acetic acid has certain corrosiveness, empty stomach consumes a lot of vinegar, can eat the digestive tract, burn gastric mucosa and esophagus, cause intense pain.

Although life jealous softening vascular dreams difficult to achieve, but by changing the incorrect way of life, such as smoking cessation, “three highs” prevention, weight control, exercise, healthy diets, and keep a good state of body and mind, can prevent hardening of the arteries.

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