Antineoplastic drugs to be added to the market to bring good news to myeloma patients

Treatment of multiple myeloma oral drug Isa Zomi days ago was approved by the state to enter the market. Experts said that the accelerated introduction of anti-cancer drugs and innovative drugs will bring more choice of medication and more convenient treatment for Chinese myeloma patients.


Professor Hou Jian, member of the international myeloma working group and director of the Department of Hematology, Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University, said that the incidence of multiple myeloma was the second highest in China. The disease can lead to bone destruction, repeated fractures and bone pain, bone marrow, kidney, immune system and other serious failure, and even life-threatening.

There has been a lack of drugs and methods for the treatment of multiple myeloma. Because of the characteristics of the disease itself, patients have experienced repeated relapse after first-line treatment has reached remission. Domestic drugs on the market are far from meeting the needs of patients, and the prices of innovative drugs abroad are high. As a result, many patients look for “medicine” exultant, suffering from pain.

Anti-cancer drugs, innovative drugs to accelerate the market is changing this situation. Professor Hou Jian said that as the world’s first oral proteasome inhibitor, Issazomi’s approval opened an era of full oral therapy for multiple myeloma patients, while significantly improving their survival. It can effectively improve the convenience and compliance of patients. Therefore, from the international guidelines to the Chinese guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of multiple myeloma (revised in 2017), Issazomil and dexamethasone are one of the recommended treatments for relapsing refractory patients.

Statistics show that China has more than 3.5 million new cases of cancer every year, and the scale of anti-tumor drugs market is more than 100 billion yuan, about half of which comes from imports. In order to meet the urgent needs of the masses, in recent years, China has introduced a number of policies to encourage and accelerate the marketing of anti-cancer drugs and innovative drugs at home and abroad.

At present, the application for registration of anticancer drugs with obvious clinical advantages has been included in the scope of priority review and approval in China. The executive meeting of the State Council recently decided to implement zero tariffs on the import of anti-cancer drugs from May 1, and to speed up the import of innovative drugs by changing clinical trial applications from the approval system to the default system of expiration. A series of initiatives will give cancer patients more hope of cure.

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