A third of the elderly in China have atherosclerosis, according to the survey.

Atherosclerosis is the focus of anti-aging and is the main cause of coronary heart disease, cerebral infarction and peripheral vascular disease. But in our country on a national survey, the average age of 60.7 years of nearly 85000 participants in the sample data analysis found that the prevalence was 36.2%, and the middle-aged and old atherosclerosis and rural above the city, the men than women, older the incidence of a disease is higher.


Beijing university people’s hospital of cardiovascular internal medicine of doctor of vice director of Ding Rongjing told “life times” reporter, in the past, rural control rates significantly lower than the atherosclerosis risk factors in urban areas, especially the cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, the three major risk factors. The researchers believe this is related to low levels of education, poor economic conditions and uneven medical resources. Ding rongjing also said that the low health literacy of rural residents, insufficient attention to treatment in the early stage, inadequate treatment compliance, and low capacity of medical expenses were related to the high prevalence rate. She believes that although China’s health insurance has covered rural areas in recent years, the health care and health literacy of residents in remote and poverty-stricken areas still need to be strengthened.

Men are more likely than women to develop atherosclerosis, mainly because of poor habits. Ding Rongjing explain, women in more than 50 years after menopause, the incidence of atherosclerosis and men should be similar, but because men have more smoking, drinking, eating greasy and irregular life and other bad habits, so the higher prevalence of atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis with age is a physiological phenomenon. After aging, the arterial vascular endothelium can be easily damaged, and the plaque can be found. In addition, with the increase of age, the metabolic capacity of the human body is decreasing, and the arterial blood vessels are prone to hardening.

In addition to middle-aged and elderly people, the blood vessels of young people in our country are also poor, so it is important to prevent and treat this disease in advance. In terms of lifestyle, it is the main method to prevent atherosclerosis. Ding rongjing suggests that we should stick to good living habits, eat regular meals and eat less high-fat and high-calorie food. Arrange sports according to the situation; Don’t stay up late to avoid tobacco and alcohol; Keep an optimistic mind and a relaxed and happy mood. Ding Rongjing also suggests, 45 years of age or older residents are atherosclerosis is used, should pay attention to their own situation in life, such as chest tightness after a discovery of breath, chest pain or frequent symptom such as dizziness, flustered, should immediately go to hospital, check the presence of hardening of the arteries.

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