What are the ways to prevent gingivitis? Six small ways to prevent gingivitis.

Now the society has a lot of people like to smoke, but not limited to men, to let his teeth are yellow, as well as gum disease is a disease that can seriously damage people’s teeth, so everyone should be given to gingivitis, protect our mouth. So what are the ways to prevent gingivitis?


1, maintain oral health.develop good health habits, stick to or brush your teeth after eating in the morning and evening, rinse your mouth after a meal, keep clear of in time in between the teeth and food particles and bacteria in the mouth, choose a fluoride toothpaste for preventing caries have certain effect.

2, 6 and 12 years old children made their home in a timely manner after the permanent teeth eruption groove closed, namely the tooth socket closed groove with a layer of resin materials, avoid food particles and bacteria and other harmful substances into the tooth body, so as to prevent dental caries.

3. Pay attention to children’s diet and oral hygiene. Children’s diet should be diversified, and proper eating of hard and tough food can promote the growth and development of jaw bone and teeth. Don’t allow children to sleep with candy bars or eat sweets instead of brushing their teeth, because the sugar in the mouth is acidic and tends to decay the teeth.

4. In case of dental caries, the tooth cavity should be filled with appropriate materials after removing the damaged dentin, so that the form and function of the teeth can be recovered to prevent further decay. Tooth cavity deep tooth cavity, should carry on appropriate treatment according to specific situation.

5. Pulpitis or periapical periodontitis caused by dental caries should be used to remove the bacterial infection in the pulp cavity or around the root of the tooth. For the residual crown that has lost the value of treatment, the residual roots will be removed timely and timely.

6. Timely treatment of uncorrected wisdom teeth and food inlaid teeth, improper dentures and braces in time. An oral examination is conducted every six months to one year.

Warm prompt: completes the above points, it not only can let myself from gum disease is a disease, also can let oneself have healthy teeth, but when this disease gingivitis, it is necessary to take immediate treatment, so as to avoid let their teeth be badly hurt.

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