What are the precautions for urinary tract infections? Women prevent urinary tract infection.

If the treatment of urinary tract infection is easy to become chronic, severe patients can also cause renal failure, uremia and other serious consequences. Therefore, women should pay special attention to the prevention of urinary tract infection. So how do women do the prevention of urinary tract infections?


Drink enough water:

Drink 1,500 to 2000 milliliters of water a day to ensure that urine is very important.

Wear loose cotton underwear:

It is suitable to penetrate the underpants with good gas and moisture absorption, and the fabric is best for cotton. Also note that underwear should not be too small or too tight, too tight underwear can cause urinary system or reproductive system infection.

Not a full bladder:
It is best to urinate every two or three hours to avoid bacteria breeding in the urinary tract. Don’t delay going to the bathroom when you are in a hurry.

Personal hygiene:
Frequent bathing, changing underwear frequently, couples should pay more attention to health, after the toilet should be wiped clean from the vulva to the anus.

Don’t sedentary:
The bad habit of sitting for a long time can make the minister of the vulva office in a humid and sultry state, and the bacteria multiply faster.

Drink juice and yogurt:

Studies have shown that women who regularly drink cranberries or yogurt can reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections. In addition, consuming dairy products containing lactic acid bacteria at least three times a week also helped women avoid urinary tract infections.

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