These signals are a precursor of osteoporosis.

The world’s leading cause of death is cardiovascular disease, but what is the second biggest threat to human health? Is it a fearsome variety of tumors, or is it a ubiquitous digestive disease?

To most people unexpected, the world health organization has listed the second to the cardiovascular diseases endangering human health disease turned out to be a “silent killer” — osteoporosis. Liang weiguo, chief physician of the department of bone surgery at the guangzhou Red Cross hospital, said that there is no warning signal for osteoporosis, and there is no or very little pain, which can easily be ignored in clinical practice. Once the balance of osteoblasts in the bones (bone growth) and osteoclasts (bone loss) is broken, osteoporosis begins to creep in.


Osteoporosis causes high mortality in hip fractures.

Epidemiological survey showed that the prevalence rate of osteoporosis in men was 14.4% in China and 20.7% in women. The prevalence of low bone mass was higher, with 57.6% of men and 64.6% of women. If not reversed in time, the disease caused by osteoporosis will greatly threaten people’s health.

Wei-guo liang, cautioned that the consequences of osteoporosis is actually serious than most people think, especially for the elderly, the dangers of osteoporotic fracture is comprehensive, it is easy to lead to urinary system, respiratory system, endocrine system, a variety of diseases, such as bed sores especially moderately severe osteoporotic fractures, hip fracture caused by osteoporosis patients lie in bed at least more than 3 months, after a year, nearly a third (about 25% of women, men around 32%) of the patients died.

At the same time, patients with osteoporosis are likely to face a second, third or even fourth or fifth fracture and lose their ability to live independently until they die, without intervention.

Lumbar back pain, hump and so on are all signs of osteoporosis.

Due to the lack of direct contact between the severity of osteoporosis and the pain, 20% of the osteoporosis patients did not find the disease until after the fracture, and some patients did not find the pain in their whole life. So how does osteoporosis go about early prevention and discovery?

“Women after menopause, men after age 50, should pay attention to the bone density in a medical check every year, once found that bone mass start missing shall timely consult professional doctor for help, rather than using indigenous method ‘calcium supplements.” “In particular, middle-aged and elderly people who have fallen in height should be highly suspicious of compressibility fractures caused by osteoporosis, rather than allowing themselves to flow,” liang stressed.

In addition, lower back pain, bone pain, the pain worse load increases or restricted movement, height, shorten or hunchback, spinal deformity, and brittle fracture are also obvious signal of osteoporosis disease.

“Repeated brittle fractures are likely due to osteoporosis, especially fractures that are common in the hip, spine and wrist areas, requiring high vigilance for osteoporosis.” Liang weiguo suggested.

Drug therapy: the key is to promote bone formation.

In his lifetime, he said, osteoblasts and osteoclasts in the bones continued to “kill each other”. When the human body is 35 years old, osteoblasts are in a strong position, and bone mass and bone strength are increasing, reaching the highest peak at about 35 years old. And after age 35, as the growth of the age, osteoclasts began to dominate, especially men over 50 years old, women after menopause, osteoclasts is more and more strong, bone mass and bone strength losing, until the old, occupy large dominant position osteoclast, compressibility fracture, osteoporosis fracture more severe greatly increase the risk of osteoporosis related diseases.

Wei-guo liang reminded, is the real reason for osteoporosis bone metabolism imbalance caused by bone mass loss, in patients with osteoporosis has already happened and the high risk population of osteoporosis, must use “long new bone” drugs in time, promote the generation of osteoblast, rather than blindly “calcium”. If unable to promote the generation of osteoblast, inhibit the growth of the osteoclast, no matter how filling calcium, most with calcium supplements will be out of the body of human body metabolization, absorb with extremely low, difficult to play a real “calcium” effect. Especially for patients who have had osteoporotic fractures, it is necessary to promote the treatment of bone cell drugs.

In addition, rich in calcium, low salt, and a moderate amount of protein balanced diet, outdoor activities, and sunshine, avoid coffee or soda, careful with drugs affect bone metabolism, strengthen the daily physical exercise is good means of prevention of osteoporosis.

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