There are no eight things that health professionals do in the spring.

“A year’s plan is in the spring”, while the spring lays the foundation, a whole year’s health need not worry. Everyone can say a few words “spring cover autumn cold” and so on health, but not to the health of this time.


One taboo: the fire is used to cure poison pill.

Many people have prepared a variety of decrease internal heat pills, once the occurrence of oral cavity ulcer, toothache and so on eat a few grains. In the eyes of experts, a fire on the use of gunpowder, is the biggest “fire suppression” taboo.

Expert support: spring main hair, dryness is a big characteristic. Many people will have dry mouth, stools and other “fire” symptoms.

Traditional Chinese medicine divides “shang xia” into real fire and false fire, and it is necessary to put out the fire according to “fire”.

For example, niuhuang jiedu pills are useful for reducing the actual fire, which is the symptom of constipation, but it does not have much effect on the fire caused by the deficiency of the spleen and stomach.

In order to prevent fire, we should eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water and have regular defecation, and also drink chrysanthemum tea and gold and silver tea.

Second taboo: spring cover is not appropriate.

The young man, with his strong firepower, put on his clothes and shoes early. The old man and the child are easy to overburden, and the sweat is also “stubborn” not undressed.

Expert support: “spring cover” has three main points:

First, don’t rush into a new season. Don’t put away your winter clothes until the temperature has stabilized.

Second, increase or decrease clothing at any time. In spring, the climate change is abnormal, the temperature difference between morning and evening is big. You can take a piece of clothing to spare, a small blanket at night, to avoid cold air damage.

Third, don’t sweat. Overturning can also cause colds and resistance.

Three taboo: one makes “spring sleepy” to sleep.

Sleeping too long will further reduce blood flow to the brain and inhibit the level of arousal in the cortex. Maybe the more you sleep, the more tired you are.

Expert support: solve the spring siege, to catch two prime time points: one is to wake up, the second is after lunch.

You can stay up late (11:00 PM) in the spring, but get up early (6:30 a.m.) to respond to the healthy growth of the body.

When you wake up, stretch and wash your face. Walk for 30 minutes in the sun after lunch and then take a 30-minute nap.

4 taboo: eat too sour, too hot.

The acidity has the astringent effect, which is not conducive to the growth of Yang qi and the catharsis of the liver. Eat too sour, too hot can damage Yang qi.

The expert supports: traditional Chinese medicine says “spring is the liver qi dang”, it is helpful to adjust the function of each big viscera, but have one drawback, it is easy to hurt the spleen.

And the sour taste enters the liver, the sweet taste enters the spleen, therefore should eat less acid in the spring to prevent the liver qi to overheat, the food that is more to eat xiangxin to be able to get rid of the liver qi and invigorate the temper.

Leek is the best food in spring, but not too much; And coriander, spring Onions, garlic, lotus seeds, dates, yam and so on, also very suitable for spring.

In addition, should say goodbye to the winter health maintenance type, to strengthen the spleen and stomach. People with chronic diseases should pay special attention to foods that are less likely to be eaten, such as fish, shrimp, crabs, and mutton.


Five taboo: a set of skin care to use after all.

The external environment and skin condition of spring are very different from winter. Spring dust flies, sebaceous glands secrete strong, ultraviolet content is high, if use a set of skin care products, easy to appear allergic reaction, skin care effect also is reduced.

Expert tips: change skin care products gradually in spring.

After the temperature rise, can be suitable for the winter use of oil cream, replace the lotion with less oil. Spring ultraviolet is stronger, skin care is the most important is to fill water and prevent bask in, sensitive skin needs more attention.

6 taboo: the door and Windows are closed.

Spring temperatures rise, humidity increases, bacteria, viruses and so on begin to multiply. If the long window is closed, or the air is not good, it is very easy to cause the common cold, infectious diseases high hair.

Expert advice: spring ventilation is more important than any season.

Make sure to open Windows twice a day, whether at home or in the office.

At least 10 minutes each time, it is better to form an air convection, the best ventilation time is after sunrise and before sunset.

Seven taboo: stay at home not go out.

In winter the emphasis is on quiet, but on the contrary, in spring, it should be kept, because “moving is keeping Yang”. People should do more outdoor activities after the winter collection season, which is very beneficial to health.

Expert support: spring main hair, when traveling, the best use the nose to breathe, on the one hand can block some harmful substances “disease from the mouth”.

On the other hand, the blood vessels of the nasal mucosa are rich, and the lumen is curved, which has the effect of warming and humidifying the dry and cold air. It is better not to go out for exercise.

In addition, the spring sports should have a degree. For people who don’t exercise much throughout the winter, the movement should be gradual, not too fast.

Eight taboo: the mood is low rise and fall.

In spring, yangyang focuses on nourishing the liver, which is an important part of nourishing the liver. If the whole day is depressed, it is easy to cause liver qi stagnation, causing diarrhea and other problems. If you are too angry or excited, you can be very damaging to the blood vessels.

The expert supports: spring in addition to the peace of mind, should also be cheerful and open-minded, in order to make the liver wood solid, liver qi shunda.

When you can’t resist getting angry, it’s best to take a few deep breaths and leave the scene. Spring can also raise flowers and plants to keep the mood happy.

Of course, you can go on an outing with your family. It’s important to note that you need to be safe when you’re outdoors.

People with chronic diseases and elderly people should do their best when they climb mountains and ride bikes. People with allergies should be protected.

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