There are four reasons for Choose obstacles

What are you eating today? Do you eat delicious meat or fresh vegetables? I believe that many people have had this kind of confusion, in fact, the choice of phobias has such a performance. The last thing people want to encounter is choice. So, what are the reasons for choosing a disorder from mental health?


1.The abnormal psychology of perfectionism.

Anyone who have a fear of choice, is a man of extreme pursuit of perfection, and it is extremely harsh, they demanded that he had to do a radio, and this is the only choice must be the most ideal choice. These patients, it can be said, are also compulsive. They tend to pursue perfection and give too much meaning to the options.

2. The patient’s mind is not sound.

New generation grew up in a honeypot never do for their Lord, encounter major life decisions when nature also cannot make their own choice, also dare not say with person, so he swims in the network virtual world, eager to get tips. This is also not to be able to determine the most important needs in the heart, unable to achieve psychological balance.

3.Fear of responsibility.

Some major may affect the choice of path or profound social significance, which makes selectors into infinite anxiety, for fear of bear choice after lead to unexpected social responsibilities and consequences.

4.There is so much to choose from.

Since the invention of the modern standard production line, a large number of items have been produced, but the difference has become smaller and smaller, which has also been a tormenting choice.

Whoever had choice phobia, then the life, work and study will certainly be affected by some, especially when faces a major selection, patients often tortured “die”. Rather than let their pain, when trying to choose close my eyes and don’t have any thinking, is the first time to make a choice, even if the choice after the result is bad, it does not matter, is better than let their pain.

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