Therapist: take care of yourself from being a clown.

It is a precious quality to dare to show your ridiculous side…


Start by being a clown.

Psychologists have found that patients who come to see the doctor are mostly victims of inferiority, and few of them think of their narcissists. These patients don’t know how to love themselves because they have low self-esteem, and their symptoms are varied, such as shyness, difficulty in choice, alcohol addiction, workaholism, emotional attachment, and so on. The French psychiatrist, behavior – experts make cognitive therapy – Christopher seitz Nike, said most of the time, patient inferiority is the result of not satisfied with your self-image, they feel “too short” “too fat” too shy “……” They suffer from their own image, make inappropriate behavior, and believe in the wrong thing — a manifestation of “cognitive dissonance”. Jean-christophe siznikes believes that we are often plagued by anxiety, and that the wrong management of these anxieties is a source of distress and uncertainty.

Don’t let your body become a battleground for anxiety.

Jean-christophe siznike has found it easy to take the body as a battlefield when it comes to fighting our emotions and anxieties. “We are through the unhealthy eat unhealthy food, drink, or smoke to let yourself feel relaxed and comfortable, we will shave their hair, kept biting his nails, and give your tattoo… We even believe that changing images through plastic surgery, diet and tattoos can make us happier. But in fact, all of these “protests” will only end up in our own way, impoverishing our lives.

We are in a consumerist era, and all the hype is trying to convince us that we can love ourselves more by controlling our image or weight. But in fact, these decoy propaganda will only let us ignore the true feelings of our bodies and become the slaves of consumption. “If someone asks you to pay attention to the ears of the people on the subway, you can only see the ears,” says jean-christophe siznikes. Similarly, if you are wrongly guided to focus on the flaws of things, you will also wear colored glasses when you look at yourself and everything around you. Only not to interference by the ‘the eye’, we will follow their inner feelings, correct see their way and see other people’s eye lights, so as to realize self salvation, no longer hate yourself.”


Clown practice: free to be yourself.

When dealing with the relationship between patients and their own, especially with their image, jean-christophe seznike likes to use “clown psychotherapy”. “Clown psychotherapy” is one of the most popular methods of psychotherapists in recent years. Psychologists believe that everyone has a childlike heart, secretly hide part of yourself, this part of the self is not beautify, usually something ridiculous, like a clown. Psychotherapy, and “clown” is to guide patients to explore their “inner clown”, and help patients from instinctively, without any criticism perspective to accept this part of the real is not good.

French psychotherapist, catalina dole, Joe explained: “dare to show yourself ridiculous side in today’s is a very rare quality, because people often worried about their own image and can’t do anything.” She goes on to explain that “being a clown” is not simply to make yourself happy or to make others laugh, “but to let the side of your clown show itself naturally.”

Why be like a clown? “The joker is a figure of character who gets along well with his body, and he accepts the way he looks,” says jean-christophe siznke. And this “free to be” approach is most valuable to therapists, and it provides a way for us to love ourselves better.

Katrina, dole said, “in the process of growing, we gradually lose the comfortable, because we have been taught the concept of instrument in told us to pay attention to manners, although it is very necessary, but also let us lose a part of self. Now, a lot of people don’t even realize how nervous their muscles are, and they don’t realize that their posture adds to the tension.

We never know what other people think of us, so we keep trying to make ourselves better and try to reassure ourselves. But what we need to learn is to live with uncertainty. We cannot know others opinion of himself, everyone is a look at others through tainted glasses, and on this issue, we will be able to influence others, learn to accept their powerless.


Only you can see yourself with love and kindness.

Let – Christopher seitz Nike often tell patients, life is like a football match, if you want to be involved, so, run on the court than stay in the audience to comment on this game is much better. ‘when we have a good dialogue between our thoughts, our emotions and our actions, we can achieve our own balance and avoid some funny reactions,’ he says. Love, he says, needs to be devoted to life instead of constantly judging itself. The real freedom is to be alone with yourself. Only you can give yourself the love you need most. No one can replace us.

As an adult, we can’t be like children, we need parents or other people to take care of ourselves and help us grow. This kind of love from others will become less and less as we grow up. Therefore, we should give up the idea of seeking the love we need from others, because it will never be fully satisfied. We need to learn not to seek love in others, or to lose ourselves in the eyes of others. Only we can see ourselves with love and kindness.

In order for people to learn to accept themselves as they are, to embrace their true feelings and to be friendly with them, jean-christophe siznike offers some tips. He said, “each of us should treat his body like a musical instrument, imagining it as a flute or a cello. We need to learn to play it, let it make the most beautiful sound, let it send out unique charm. We each have a wait to play beautiful music, we need to do is fully invested, learning to play our body instrument, not only to comment or judge it.”

Exercise is not the only lesson in self-care.

Many people believe that with exercise, we can feel better about ourselves and accept ourselves more. According to French sociologist Mary shoeguet, no more than eight hours of exercise a week can bring a variety of benefits to our body. Let – Christopher seitz Nike also believes that sports has a lower anxiety and antidepressant effect, but he also pointed out that “sports like a hammer, with good, is the indispensable; If you use it badly, it will backfire. Excessive exercise can cause damage to the body, and inappropriate exercise may also cause anorexia.

What’s more, it’s impossible to learn self-care by simply making and executing a sport’s goals. “what we need to know is why we exercise. If it is to make themselves more health, sport is a good partner, but in this sense, the movement is not the only choice, we can also choose to do a lot of other things, such as singing, walking… The more we love life and live it, the more we know how to love ourselves. To love oneself is to feel better. Jean-christophe siznikes said.

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  1. I like showing my ridiculous side. I can poke fun at myself and laugh with others about it. It’s playful, not shame based. I think if we always take ourselves too seriously, we will burn out with the stress and anxiety.

    1. Very much agree with your point of view, clowns not only represent a funny, but also a life attitude, people living in the eyes and views of others, sooner or later will lose their self.

      Thank you for your comments!

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