The most suitable vegetable for spring: fragrant-flowered garlic

Spring came and the number of people who ate the vegetable rose. It is called “the first food of march” because it speeds up the blood vessels and the heart from hibernation, and after eating it, the whole body is warm, which is the leek.

Spring onion, march leek, though it can be bought all year round, but spring (2~3 months) fragrant-flowered garlic is the most delicious.


Spring has two features:

1, the temperature is rising, the human body Yang qi is stretching, ready to wake up from the winter.

2, spring is likely to get sick, because the bacteria also have to wake up with the sun be the spirit, and leek mild nature, can very good help us germinal sun be the spirit, and scattered with invigorate blood detoxification function.

In addition, fragrant-flowered garlic also has many functions.

1. Potassium supplementation.

High blood pressure friends often need to fill potassium, if it is simple to drink potassium, it is very difficult to swallow, and the dietary supplement potassium element is much better.

Leek is rich in potassium, it can effectively relieve hypertension, heart disease and other diseases, spring eat, can also help cardiovascular patient health, let the heart and blood vessel patients not so afraid of cold.

2. Purify intestinal tract

The fiber of leek is very long, the ability that promotes gastrointestinal peristalsis is very strong, contain 1.5 gram of cellulose in each hundred grams of leek, this is much taller than green onion and celery.

Chinese chives can not only promote intestinal peristalsis, it contains dietary fiber also can put the hair in the digestive tract, gravel, and even metal wrapped, with defecate eduction body outside, can effectively prevent habitual constipation and colon cancer. Therefore, people also called leek “grass”. In order to facilitate eating, it is appropriate to cut the leek.

3. Sterilization and sterilization.

Leek peculiar plant chemicals – sulfur compounds and volatile oil, not only makes a leek leek incense, but also can help the sterilization, increase appetite, dilate blood vessels, prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease such as coronary heart disease, help to improve their human body immunity.

The compound also regulates the melanin in the hair follicles of the skin, eliminates white spots on the skin and makes the hair black and shiny. The flavonoids in leeks can also help our resistance and reduce blood lipids.

However, not everyone is fit to eat leeks. Patients with bad breath, such as bad breath, sore throat and sore throat, as well as patients with fever, sweating and other symptoms, should be kept away from chives. Mothers-to-be also had better eat fewer leeks in case the fetus is disturbed.

Leek pesticide residue problems are very common, because a fatal underground natural enemy leek leek maggot, the pest bite to eat leek roots, leek root rot, fracture and cannot grow.

It is not effective to spray pesticide on it. It must be applied to the roots of leek to effectively remove the leek. This method of root irrigation is very safe and efficient in accordance with standard operation. However, in practice, many people do not follow the strict dosage, leading to excessive pesticide residue.

Therefore, we should pay special attention when eating fragrant-flowered garlic.


The first step

Cut it. 1.5cm. No.

At the root, we’d better cut it off, about 1.5 centimeters in length. If you like to eat root, it is recommended to wash the root with rice water first, then open it to wash, then soak in water for 3~5 minutes.

The second step

Soak it in the water with a little base.

After the water is washed, soak for a period of time, and then add a moderate amount of baking soda (food base) to the water.

Because fragrant-flowered garlics commonly use organophosphorus pesticides, organophosphorus pesticides have a characteristic that they are inactivated. Use 0.5%~0.8% of the food base to prepare the light alkaline water, and the initial washing of fragrant-flowered garlic is put into the alkaline water, after soaking for 5~15 minutes, rinse with water to reduce pesticide residues.

The third step

Perm, let the farmer to deactivate.

This method is mainly aimed at the amino acid insecticide, green pepper, beans, celery, Chinese cabbage, fragrant-flowered garlic, water spinach and other vegetables are generally scattered with this insecticide. One characteristic of this insecticide is that it can be decomposed as the temperature increases.

Therefore, we want to remove this kind of agricultural residue, the best way is to pass it through the two steps above, the fragrant-flowered garlic is placed in the boiling water for 2~5 minutes and immediately remove.

After the treatment of fragrant-flowered garlic, it can become the food on the table. However, boiled fragrant-flowered garlic is also very exquisite.


Don’t add vinegar. Fire quickly.

If the dish is made with Chinese chives, it is suggested that the pot should be cooked at the end of the pot, and immediately after the fire, the pot should be cooked immediately. This will ensure that the most favorite sulfide of the heart vessels in fragrant-flowered garlics is not destroyed.

In addition, it is better not to put vinegar when frying Chinese chives, because if you add vinegar when you fry fragrant-flowered garlics, it will be dark and not good to eat.


The leaves are narrow and thick, and the leaves are wide and soft.

There are two kinds of fragrant-flowered garlics that are common in the market: one is broad, the other is narrow and slender. Both of these fragrant-flowered garlics can be eaten, but the leaves are a little soft, the fiber content is low, the chlorophyll has no narrow leaves and the fragrance is weak.

The leaves are thin and thin, and there are more chlorophyll and more fiber content, so if we want to eat the essence of fragrant-flowered garlic, we suggest that we choose the thin and narrow fragrant-flowered garlic.


The incisions are smooth and the roots are the most tender in white.

fragrant-flowered garlic is not fresh, it tastes like grass. Generally speaking, the more the root of fragrant-flowered garlic, the more fresh chives. When buying fragrant-flowered garlics, can hold fragrant-flowered garlic roots, stands up and then let the fragrant-flowered garlic, see if leaves scattered, if can erect leaves that freshness is better, if the scattered stagger, means that this is no longer the fresh chives.

Another more intuitive criterion is the color of fragrant-flowered garlic roots. See the roots if is white fragrant-flowered garlic is fresh, if you have turned green, may be old, no fresh chives taste mouth, but also can’t so thick fragrant-flowered garlic fragrance.

2~3 months of fragrant-flowered garlic is fresh and fragrant, heart, blood vessels love! Now there are many Chinese chives, and everyone needs to know the correct way to wash them. Safe to eat fragrant-flowered garlic, eat healthy.


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