Summer to diet “5 more” principle to prevent heat and health.

The summer solstice is coming, which means the hot weather will arrive. How do you eat in the heat of a hot summer day to keep yourself from the heat? The following is a suitable diet plan for the summer solstice, which can prevent summer heat. Don’t miss out on friends who are interested…


Eat more vegetables
Hot and humid, people generally like to eat light, fresh and not greasy food, while green vegetables have this characteristic, and rich in vitamins and mineral elements. Therefore, should try to eat more vegetables, such as beans, melons, cabbage, coriander, etc. It can be eaten raw, or with a little thin shredded pork.

Eating more fruit
Melon juice is sweet, not only to quench thirst, but also to heat and relieve heat. Watermelon, sweet and juicy, is the top of the watermelon season. In addition, cucumbers, cucumbers washed after raw food, or after juicing, all have a very good heat – relieving effect. Kiwifruit contains a lot of vitamin C, which has a very good effect on heat and heat.
Drink more soup
When people sweat more, the body fluid loss is relatively large, drink soup to be able to replenish moisture in time, and facilitate digestion and absorption. Simple and easy to learn “summer soup” such as hawthorn soup, green bean plum soup, honeysuckle soup, watermelon green clothes soup, etc.

Eat more porridge
In hot summer, the person’s stomach is affected by the heat stimulation, function will be relatively abate, easy occurrence head is tired, appetite is depressed wait for the discomfort, heavy person still can heatstroke. As a result, summer consumption of health congee is one of the dietary measures, such as green bean porridge, honeysuckles, peppermint porridge, lotus seed porridge, lotus leaf porridge, lotus root porridge, etc.

Drink more tea

The researchers’ measurements of two groups of people who drank warm tea and drinks on a hot day showed that warm tea reduced skin temperature by 1 to 2 degrees, while cold drinks only cooled the area around the mouth.
The tea drinker feels cool and comfortable, thirst is all disappear, and drink cold drinker, zhou body is not smooth, thirst is not satisfied. If you can add salt to warm tea to make up for excessive sweating and loss of salt, it is more beneficial to prevent heatstroke.

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