Spring infantile diarrhea and relapse! What are the measures to prevent diarrhea?

Spring temperature rises quickly, all kinds of bacteria, virus also begin to show explosive growth, baby intestines and stomach function is not complete, care is not careful, can cause diarrhea very easily. To prevent spring diarrhea, you should first learn about the causes of spring diarrhea.


1. Food therapy first.
In daily life, diet therapy is the easiest way to adjust. The mother can usually give the baby some stomach food, such as the yam porridge, almond soup, sesame paste and so on, while avoiding spicy, cold, greasy food.
2. Sports follow
Spring temperature gradually warming, the mother can take baby for outdoor activities, such as running, jumping rope, with the baby in the outdoor do setting-up exercise, ball games, etc., help the baby activities limbs, improve body immunity, which spring from diarrhea.
3. Pay attention to hygiene
Usually let the baby form the good habit of washing hands frequently, eat finger and so on unhygienic behavior should stop properly, in order to avoid to eat bacteria, germ, etc. At the same time, the mother also needs to give the baby food disinfection, food must be clean and hygienic.

4. Vaccination
Because of the common disease that causes diarrhea in babies, it is recommended that mothers be vaccinated against rotavirus before they are 3 years old. The best time to get vaccinated is between July and October to avoid the onset of winter and spring diarrhea. Of course, babies who are three years old don’t need to be vaccinated, and they have antibodies to the rotavirus.
5. Chiropractic
“Pinching” can stimulate the baby’s menstrual gas, strengthen the spleen and stomach function, promote digestion and absorption, and improve immunity. The correct method is to hold the skin at the back of the baby’s back with both hands and lift it up to the nape of the neck and knead it six times. It’s better to stick to it every day.
These are the prevention measures for infantile diarrhea. Get them up quickly.

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