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Mental health (normal state of mind)


Mental health refers to the spirit, normal activities, good psychological quality. Most of them are related to heredity (gene). Not only can you live a quiet life, but also be able to withstand the occurrence of a variety of events. Mental health highlights the ability to maintain good communication or cooperation with other people in social, productive and daily life.

Noun interpretation.

Individuals can adapt to the development of the environment, with perfect personality characteristics; and its cognitive, emotional response, will behavior is in a positive state, and can maintain normal regulatory ability. In the practice of life, it has the basic characteristics of mental health to be able to understand oneself correctly, to control oneself consciously, to deal with the influence of the outside world correctly, and to keep the balance and coordination of the psychology.
The basic meaning of mental health is that all aspects and activities of psychology are in a good or normal state. The ideal state of mental health is to keep perfect character, normal intelligence, correct cognition, appropriate emotion, reasonable will, positive attitude, appropriate behavior and good adaptability. The corresponding mental health is psychological sub-health and psychological illness. Mental health has different meanings and standards from different angles.
Mental health is an important and indivisible aspect of modern health. What is human mental health? People’s physical health is standard, a person’s mental health is also standard. However, the standard of mental health is not as specific and objective as the standard of physical health. Understanding and mastering the definition of mental health is of great significance to enhance and maintain people’s health. When people have mastered the standard of measuring people’s mental health, and based on it, we can make a self-diagnosis of mental health. Find out that there is a certain distance between one or several aspects of one’s mental state and the mental health standard, so as to strengthen the psychological exercise in order to reach the level of mental health. If you find that your mental state deviates seriously from the mental health standard, you should seek medical treatment in time for early diagnosis and treatment.
Mental health refers to a sustained and positive development of the psychological state, in which the subject can make good adaptation, and give full play to their physical and mental potential. Mental health education is an important part of “new health education”. It aims at cultivating the citizens of physical and mental health and society. By using the method of health management, the improvement of campus environment and functional environment is the main purpose. The improvement of humanistic environment is coordinated with teachers and students to provide scientific, healthy and professional guidance. “New Health Education” has built a special health guidance room in the school (psychological counseling room, equipped with professional psychological counselors to stay in the school for a long time, to set up psychological courses and extracurricular activities to guide the healthy psychological development of students. At the same time, the opening of “kinship chat room” for the family to open the channel, for the healthy growth of students on a smooth path.


Restriction factor.

1. The quality of innate heredity.
2. Advantages and disadvantages of external stimulation.
3. The level of Psychological quality.
4. Availability of mental health services

Maintenance path.

1. Pay attention to excellent marriage and excellent students, avoid congenital defects;
2. Optimize the realistic environment and reduce the bad stimulation;
3. Strengthening psychological accomplishment and improving psychological quality;
4. To receive psychological education and to learn psychological adjustment;
5. Take the initiative to ask for help, timely relief of heart disease.

Health standard.

Mental health standards.

Psychologists describe mental health standards as the following:
Have a moderate sense of security, self-esteem, and a sense of value for one’s own achievements.

To criticize yourself moderately, not to boast too much about yourself or to criticize yourself too much.

in the daily life, has the moderate initiative, is not controlled by the environment.

Rational, realistic, objective, have good contact with reality, can tolerate the blow of frustration in life, no excessive fantasy.

the appropriate acceptance of the needs of individuals and their ability to meet such needs.

Have self-knowledge, understand their motives and purposes, can make an objective estimate of their own ability.

can maintain the integrity and harmony of personality, personal values can adapt to the standards of society, can focus on their own work.

There are realistic goals in life.

have the ability to learn from experience, to adapt to the needs of the environment to change themselves.

Have good interpersonal relationships, the ability to love and the ability to be loved. In the premise of not violating social standards, can maintain their own personality, neither excessive flattery, nor too much seek social approval, there is personal independent opinion, there is a standard of judging right and wrong.

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