Extend knee life 40 years, use this one.

After entering middle age, many people often go to climb the mountain in order to strengthen their body, or climb the stairs instead of taking the elevator, but the result is knee pain. At this time doubt, how to exercise the body also to exercise the problem to come?

Whether it is running or kneeling, a lot of life habits will inadvertently affect the knee joint. And the knee problem is getting younger.


Knee joint wear is not repaired.

In the traditional concept, mountain climbing is a good aerobic exercise that can help you exercise your thighs and buttocks, while also exercising your heart and lungs.

But the truth is, many orthopaedic experts warn that mountain climbing is the “stupidest sport”.

Mountain climbing is a weight-bearing sport, with joints below the waist bearing the weight of the body, especially the knee. When the body climbs up, the weight of the knee is increased to about four times as much as usual.

Knee joint life is only 60 years change exercise habit extends 40 years.

In fact, joint life is limited. Once the joint “has exhausted”, it will cause all kinds of joint disease! The life span of the joint is mainly determined by genes, and the general healthy life span is 60 years.

On the one hand, you need to exercise your thighs and hips. But on the other hand, you can’t hurt the knee. Excessive use can aggravate the wear and tear and cannot be repaired.

But experts say it’s not difficult to solve the problem, just changing people’s exercise habits.

Extend your knee for 40 years and never do it.

Not doing strenuous exercise on the hard floor, such as squats, leapfrogging, running, jumping rope and dancing, can aggravate the wear and tear on the kneecap.

Especially if you squat down to stand up, the joints wear the most. The articular cartilage is about one to two millimeters, which is the cushioning pressure to protect the bone from rupture.

It is the equivalent of rubber on the runway, which helps you to protect your joints when you move up and down.

Moving on the hard floor, bouncing back under super-strong counterforce, is quite damaging to joints and bones. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise more in the rubber sports field.

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