Don’t say you’re mature with these actions!

Society in a large part of people think very mature, actually in mental health experts, they are not mature, or even than some had just entered the society is not to get into the society. Don’t worry about defending yourself first, see if you have the following behavior, and if so, you must be immature.



1.Spend all day on the Internet and don’t know what to do. The most common phrase of the post-80s generation is “boredom”, although they spend a lot of time chatting online.
Suggestion: as a basic mode of communication, the purpose of chatting is to gain recognition. Online chatting is hard to achieve, so the conversation gets boring. Young people should be more focused on learning.

2. Impetuous, good prediction of unknown conclusions. For the movies and TV shows you have seen, you will be able to tell the next plot or the ending to others. To make a long speech about something you don’t know, and to make a long speech based on a little bit of information, is mostly critical. There is no reason to be impatient with authority, but no public challenge, only to influence a few people around, and have a strong desire to be identified. If you don’t get it, you won’t be able to speak, and some of you will be furious and inexplicable.

Suggestion: travel more, read more books, participate in group activities, and get more contact with society. Most of the world the truth in our field of vision, impetuous is a personal accomplishment shallow performance, people is not only the social member is part of the natural, need to accumulate as much as possible to the world more understanding, to achieve conscious enough height, can let a person look less impetuous.

3. Weak and inactive. There is cynicism about the strong, fear of muscle and strength. Influenced by Japanese manga in aesthetics, we advocate neutral beauty and morbid beauty. It has to do with the first point, in the body’s endurance, toughness and explosive power, and the latter. But after being stimulated, it will show pathological stubbornness. That would be two extremes, one fragile and the other, occasionally surprising.

Suggestion: exercise, exercise more outdoors. The body is the most natural part of the human body, and a healthy and strong body that is not easily knocked down can give us a lifetime benefit.

4.Negative, refuse to grow up. Do not like to be said mature. Be impatient with the elders to discuss some practical problems, dislike politics, dislike to participate in the elders present. Being responsible can make them feel anxious and helpless.

Suggestion: try to understand parents’ difficulty. It is also possible to understand the dialectical relationship between the claim and the contribution from the philosophical level, like the relationship between rights and obligations in the textbook.

There are also some people who give others the feeling that the city is very deep, and when they are with the familiar, they will talk a lot. If they are with strangers, they will not say a word. This kind of person looks very mature on the surface, actually is also immature performance. Therefore, for such people, to change the status quo, we should start from communication with others and expand our social circle.

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