Does drinking rice porridge really help your stomach?

Many people have heard that “eating rice porridge is good for your stomach”. In particular, after the feast, many people want to have a bowl of porridge to give the stomach a rest. But for different people, the effect of drinking rice gruel is not uniform. Some people think that drinking rice porridge is very comfortable, solving their stomach acid problem. However, some people will suffer from stomach acid if they drink rice porridge. Some people feel small rice porridge good digestion, also some people say small rice gruel does not digest, will bilge in the stomach. What the hell is going on here? Can drink rice porridge to be able to raise a stomach after all?


First, the “stomach” thing is not exactly defined. Everyone has different gastrointestinal conditions, and their constitution is different. For example, some stomach acid, some stomach acid. Some of them are stomach ulcers, some are atrophic gastritis, some just lack of stomach power. In different situations, the right foods must be different, and the response to a food is different. It would be unscientific to say that every patient in the stomach should eat the same “stomach food”.

It is more meaningful for individuals to listen to their bodies than to listen to other people’s tales. Your stomach won’t lie to you. If you feel comfortable, you might as well drink it and drink less or not. On the other hand, the cooking method of millet and rice porridge is different, and may also have a considerable influence on the effect of “stomach nourishing”. Here are some personal understandings and Suggestions for your reference only.


Soft glutinous millet is suitable for people with low stomach acid.

Some of the millet are coarse, some are sticky, even sticky millet, also known as “little yellow rice”. Dongbei glutinous rice, sticky bean bag and other snacks are made with sticky millet.

For friends with less stomach acid, choose soft and waxy. For people with a lot of stomach acid, don’t choose sticky millet.

Currently on the market have a dark green millet, millet, white yellow millet and millet different colors, such as the viscosity of varieties, including white millet had better digestion, the deeper the color, the less suitable for acid fewer friends.


Millet, which is not polished, is good for restoring stomach function.

If you just shell the millet, without repeatedly grinding out the outer part, the nutritive value will be higher. Because less processing can preserve the rich B vitamins and minerals in the millet seeds, these nutrients are beneficial to the recovery of gastrointestinal function.

Millet, however, is a bit harder to grind, and it takes longer to cook, which is good for indigestion.

And the millet that grinds to compare fine is absorbed water particularly fast, boil for ten minutes, even boil for a few minutes after boiling, boil a few minutes, it is soft rotten.

Ancient legend or so-called “oil”, is actually not fine grinding of upper soup cooked millet, which is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, potassium and other nutrients, also contain a small amount of fat and dextrin. There are no fine machines in ancient times. And before the qing dynasty, the northern region was not to eat white rice porridge, for thousands of years, millet is the main cooking food.


Acid and alkali

Boiling congee can lose B vitamins.

The starch grains in millet are easy to boil under weak alkaline conditions. In the south, the water and water are acidic, and the rice porridge is not soft and weak. The northern area is mainly weak alkaline water, and the rice porridge boiled is much better.

Many people like to cook rice porridge with a small amount of alkali, which can lose vitamin B1 and B2, very regrettable; But for people with stomach trouble, cooking is easier to digest. In particular, people with a lot of stomach acid will feel more comfortable.

So, everything is not absolute, just want to be careful, drink the rice porridge with alkali, want to add some B group vitamin again from other way.


Drinking porridge and eating nothing but pickles can cause malnutrition.

Gastrointestinal health is closely related to protein, B vitamins, and a variety of minerals. When malnutrition, gastrointestinal health is difficult to repair. Millet’s vitamin and mineral content several times the white rice, from this point of view, drinking rice porridge is good for gastrointestinal health.

However, the plant protein in millet is lower than rice and white surface, among which the restriction essential amino acid – lysine is seriously deficient. Therefore, when eating rice porridge, it is necessary to cooperate with fish and egg milk products and other high-quality proteins, and play a complementary role in protein nutrition, so as to provide adequate nutrition support for gastrointestinal function repair.

Whether it’s rice porridge, or brown rice porridge, or oatmeal, or let your body judge. However, drinking them is healthier than drinking white rice porridge. It’s also a good idea to mix these ingredients together, such as the convenience and taste of millet oatmeal in the morning, and brown rice porridge at night. When mixed, it often avoids the discomfort of a single ingredient.

Of course, there should be enough vegetables, fish and eggs, etc. Some middle-aged and old people often drink rice porridge and salted vegetables sooner or later, resulting in malnutrition. This kind of diet, it is very difficult to let own stomach really raise good.

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