You want youth? What do women eat more to delay aging?

Every woman wants to stay young! We all know that the secretion of estrogen is closely related to the aging of women, so many people think that estrogen supplementation can help women prevent aging, can make us look younger. As a result, many people choose oral estrogen. In fact, this approach is very difficult to supplement estrogen, and may even bring us some diseases. Here’s how to properly supplement estrogen.


What foods can help women delay aging by supplementing estrogen?
1. Cucumber.
Cucumbers are probably the most common vegetable in our lives, so to speak, covered with treasure. Cucumbers are rich in a substance called propanedioic acid, which helps us suppress the conversion of sugars into fat and helps us lose weight. Cucumbers can also help us whiten our skin, many people will use cucumbers cut into pieces, apply to the face, as a mask to use. You know what? Eating cucumbers regularly helps women supplement estrogen without any side effects.

2. Carrots.
Women who eat carrots five times a week are 50 percent less likely to develop ovarian cancer, according to scientific research. Eating carrots often helps maintain your ovaries. If our ovaries are healthy enough, we will produce more estrogen. Often eat carrots can also help female friends to eat more vitamins, has the effect of liver nourishing eyes.


3. Black beans.

Black beans are called the king of ten thousand beans. Black beans have the highest levels of estrogen relative to any legumes that are rich in estrogen. Taking black beans for a long time can help us to supplement phytoestrogens healthily. It has excellent maintenance effect on uterus and ovary. Black beans also have many benefits for men. Male friends often eat black beans can play the role of tonifying kidney and strengthening yang, essence and hair, the effect is better than tonifying kidney medicine.

4. Poria cocos.

Lily can help us to moisturize the heart, often eat lily can help us to strengthen the body, inhibit the growth of tumor cells; Poria cocos beneficial to the effect of moisture, for our spleen and stomach has very good benefits. The combination of these two substances can help women friends maintain their ovaries and delay the aging of women. Regular consumption of these two foods can also help us to secrete more estrogen, inhibiting the production of ovarian cysts.


If female friend’s estrogen secretion is insufficient, very likely can appear the phenomenon of menstrual disorder, even can appear serious dysmenorrhea phenomenon. Many people do not care about this phenomenon, but it is actually a precursor to premature ovarian failure, and may even lead to ovarian cysts and uterine leiomyomas.Female friends must be more careful in life, to pay more attention to their own estrogen secretion.

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