Women’s hair dye causes kidney disease to relapse.

For many people who love beauty, it can be a little boring to always have the same black hair, so they have a habit of coloring their hair everyday. But hair dye can make people become young and beautiful, however, there are many health hidden dangers. A woman in shenyang has suffered from nephrotic syndrome and has suffered repeated seizures in a short period of time, according to news reports. Patients often dye their hair with an unknown hair dye, so they relapse until they stop dyeing their hair.


Expert: hair dye can cause scalp damage and hair loss.

When it comes to the dangers of dye, a lot of people for the first time, will think of the hair color/cancer issue although hair dye generally contain carcinogenic substance such as para-phenylene diamine, but to say hair dye will cause cancer is actually unscientific.

It is true that phenylenediamine is an internationally recognized carcinogen and can cause certain harm to the human body, but this is based on a certain dose. General formal hair colorant has passed the detection of relevant department, among them the content of benzene diamine is in national standard, if reasonable use is not to cause cancer.

But if, as mentioned above, patients often use an unknown hair dye, they are likely to be significantly more severe than those that can cause cancer and burn the scalp and hair.

In addition, even with a passing product, liao lihui, director of dermatology at the guangdong provincial hospital of Chinese medicine, said in an earlier interview that frequent perming often results in hair loss and even hair loss.

“During the dyeing process, a large number of alkaline substances enter the hair, damaging the original proteins and amino acids, and the damaged hair will become dry, dull and elastic. On the other hand, no matter what kind of perm, the hair is treated with chemical potion first. At present, the main raw materials of hair dye and perm in domestic and foreign markets include diphenylamine and thioglycoacetic acid. These chemicals can damage hair, scalp and hair follicles, reducing the fat secretion of the hair, making the dark and moist hair yellow and brittle, losing luster and shedding easily.

How to dye your hair safely? There are four main points to follow.

1. Minimize hair coloring.

In order to avoid the harm of hair dye, the best way is to do not contact hair dye, normally try to do not have hair dye, the number of hair color of a year not more than twice, perm hair and hair dye the best not to operate.

2. Choose the hair dye.

Be sure to choose a passing product. The chemicals in the hair dye can damage hair, scalp, or cause skin irritation or hair loss. Even if you want to dye your hair, try to choose natural products.

3. Skin test

Hair dye more or less have some para-phenylene diamine, this can lead to skin irritation, so local inflammation of the scalp is sensitive or is best not to dye their hair, don’t try to dye their hair at home. If you must dye your hair, it is best to test your head skin to see if it is allergic, and to test your hair without allergic reaction.

4. The following people cannot dye their hair.

Not everyone is fit to dye their hair. Minors, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, couples who are ready to have children, pregnant women and lactating women are all taboo subjects.

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