The total number of doctors in China has doubled in five years to 1.8 people per 10,000 people.

On April 26th, the training peak BBS and the fifteenth community health and general medical academic annual meeting were held in Beijing in 2018.

The Chinese medical doctor association Zhang Yanling is introduced, in recent years, the basic form and general practitioner training system in our country gradually perfect, the colleges of education in general medicine continued to deepen, general practitioner training quantity and quality enhances unceasingly. By the end of 2017, the number of qualified general practitioners in China has reached 253,000, with 1.8 people per 10,000 population, and the total number of general practitioners has doubled in five years.


It is understood that a group of higher medical colleges and universities in China have carried out education, and 73 colleges and universities have carried out the free training of rural order oriented medical students. The selection of 744 national general practitioners standardized training base (including 185 TCM bases) was selected, and 34,000 people were admitted to the hospital. However, the overall number of general practitioners in China is still insufficient, and the geographical distribution is very uneven. The number of doctors in jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing, zhejiang and other four provinces (cities) is higher than 3. In shaanxi, jiangxi, liaoning and other 7 provinces, the total number of doctors per 10,000 people is still less than 1. The 21 provinces are below the national average, including shandong, henan and sichuan provinces.

National health committee said the relevant departments in charge kinson countries, speed up the training of general practitioners should insist on promoting the stock, optimizing the incremental, expanding the scope of the gp job-transfer training implementation, encourage the relevant specialist level 2 above hospitals job-transfer training, qualified for training, on the basis of the original registered scope of increasing scope of professional practice in general medicine, allowing its training base and grass-roots medical institutions to provide general medical services. At the same time, we should expand the standardized training and recruitment scale of general practitioners, and strive to make up 20% of the total enrollment plan by 2020 and increase year by year. To strengthen the construction of general professional base, identified as base for the culture of comprehensive hospital to increase the general subject of medical diagnosis and treatment, the independent setting jinpenling district, joint training general practitioners with basic medical and health institutions.

Zhang yanling said that the Chinese doctors’ association will strengthen the construction of the general medical science and community practice base of the comprehensive hospital. Organization supervision evaluation inspections for general practice base construction, establishing comprehensive evaluation, professional assessment combined with flight check of the normalized assessment mechanism, continued to give evaluation to the provinces and the base pressure, to achieve “to build libraries, to review and promote optimal” purpose. Maintenance of student rights and interests of 6 at the same time, focus on real name, group of complaint, problem and area, base and so on, timely report to the relevant departments, special investigation and handling opinions; The base which has more complaints, serious problems and weak rectification is recommended to disqualify the base.

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