Run a few small habits, health and health

Now as people’s awareness of fitness has increased, many people have fallen in love with exercise. So in the gym, you often see friends of all ages fighting for health in the rain, which is a very inspirational and successful national trend. In particular, running is a popular sport all over the world. It does not require any mechanical equipment, there are no restrictions, and it is an aerobic exercise. Not only does it not cause too much damage to your body organs, but regular running makes you feel refreshed and refreshed, which is why so many people prefer running in sports. Here, I’ll talk about a few good habits when running, in which case, will make your fitness results plus.


1.Do some stretching before running.

A lot of people do not do any preparation activity before running, go up and run directly, this is a kind of unhealthy exercise way. Because if you do not do some stretching before exercise, the body’s muscle cells are not fully awakened, so it is easy to force yourself to cause muscle or ligament strain, which is not cost-effective. So before running, take some time, stretch your limbs thoroughly, and do some stretching exercises, and you’ll find that your entire body is refreshed and ready to move, and that it will be more beneficial to your running.

2. Don’t eat too much before running.

Some people have a bad habit of running after dinner, which is not good. Because if we have just had a full meal, the food has just entered our stomach and is still in an undigested state. This exercise can cause a pain in your stomach. So never eat too much before exercise. If you have the habit of running at night, take a slow walk after a full meal and then run when the food in your stomach is almost digested.

3.Don’t stop running often.

A lot of people are weak, so they can’t stop running for a few steps, and then do it again and again, and they don’t really recommend it, and that completely negates the value of running. Adjust your breathing while you’re running, so you can breathe more smoothly, stop and rest often because your energy is running low, and you can play out the real value of running.

4.Be sure to keep running.

A lot of people started by vowing to run, but soon they lost and didn’t want to take a step further. Be sure to keep running so that you can achieve the best results of healthy health and healthy weight loss.

This is a good habit to pay attention to when running, I hope friends who like running laugh.

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