In spring, dry mouth how to do?

In spring, the temperature is higher than in winter, but it is more windy and sandy, especially in the northern part of China, which is more obvious in spring. Modern people are long in office, residential building, the general use of heating, air conditioning, cause indoor air is dry and do not circulate. Or sit in front of my computer, television, or the use of mobile phones and other electronic equipment for a long time, or work, study pressure big, do not pay attention to replenish moisture and vitamins, dry mouth, dry eye, and a series of problems, even may suffer from dryness syndrome.


TCM holds that among the four seasons, spring is a liver, move through dormant during the winter months, at the beginning of the spring fu, once excessive fu, something partial prosperous, easy to hurt the body fluid, a dry mouth, dry eye, serious mouth saliva decrease, even water needed for eating, or recurrent oral ulcers, dental caries, dry throat, like something stuck in it, the throat of the spit out of, or in the eyes of sanding, if there are any foreign body sensation, dry desquamation, such as crack. For the elderly, especially the elderly women, because of the birth of the fetus, the constitution is generally not the Yin blood, the spring is more prone to dry mouth, dry eyes.

Chinese medicine believes that the dry mouth of the mouth is due to the deficiency of the liver and kidney Yin and blood, not nourishing the mouth, eyes, etc. On the other hand, traditional Chinese medicine believes that “temperamental fluid is born”, dry mouth and dry eyes are caused by the lack of fluid in the body. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine is used to treat the dry eyes of the mouth by invigorating the liver and kidney and invigorating the spleen. Chinese emphasize medicine food homology, spring mouth dry eye patients can eat more have nourishing liver and kidney, dryness effect of food or drugs, such as black sesame, mulberries, medlar, fleece-flower root, cornus, lily, honey, zizyphus jujube kernel, radix rehmanniae, radix ophiopogonis, straight ladybell, radix trichosanthis, radix puerariae, radix scrophulariae, and fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits. Body fluid by temper push hard to spread to sites throughout the body, play a role, especially in the fluid to mouth, eyes moist, in the upper body organs such as need more sun be the spirit, so also need the right amount of intake with spleen yiqi foods or drugs, such as astragalus, codonopsis, radix pseudostellariae, American ginseng, tuckahoe, atractylodes, yam, etc.

In daily life, the above medicine can be eaten, or soup, or boil porridge, all have a better effect. In the spring, people with dry mouth need to drink more water, and the water supplement is better in small amount and multiple times, which can slow down the perspiration of the body and reduce the amount of water evaporation in the body. If the amount of activity is larger, the sweat is more, and the sodium ion should be appropriately supplemented, and a small amount of salt water can be taken orally. However, it is important to note that the supplement of brine is temporary and not suitable for daily consumption, especially for patients with hypertension, which is not suitable for drinking.

Besides, spring mouth dry eye patients should also be regular work and rest, less to stay up late, even can’t sleep, is about to go to bed at half past ten in the evening as far as possible, close your eyes, even breathing, you should also keep a good positive attitude, make the mood delectation, according to oneself circumstance appropriate take part in physical exercise.

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