Can’t eat meat during the diet? Eight myths about weight loss.

Nowadays, weight loss has become one of the most concerned topics, but sometimes people find themselves losing weight on the way to losing weight. What is the reason? Is it the wrong way to lose weight, or is it a mistake?


Don’t eat meat during your diet.

Many people do not eat meat during the process of losing weight, which is actually a mistake. Scientific research has found that skipping meat leads to a reduction in enzymes that break down fat in the body, and that the chain breaks down. The lack of enzymes causes fat in the body to be stored without breaking down or breaking down very little, which is why losing weight without eating meat makes you fatter and fatter.

You can lose weight by eating more diet food.

Some people will choose to eat diet pills to lose weight, in fact, diet food too much will be fat. Because food reducing weight can reduce weight because of the heat was lower than those of other foods, but if other foods have more food, and do not cooperate with exercise, total calorie intake in the body will increase, resulting in body fat.

Eating at night tends to put on weight.

Many people choose not to eat at night, think this can lose weight, actually this kind of view is also incorrect. Eating calories at night is not directly related to obesity. After a busy day’s work, can be very tired in the evening, so if you really feel hungry, you can choose to eat some low caloric food, like fruits and vegetables, it is not necessary to have sleepless nights of consequences because of hunger.

You can’t lose weight by drinking milk.

From the nutritional point of view, milk contains protein, vitamins and minerals, and there is no shortage of nutritious food. Studies have shown that adults who drink two glasses of milk a day do not suffer from overnutrition.


You can lose weight without eating rice.

Rice is an important source of daily energy for mankind. Insufficient carbohydrate intake can lead to the imbalance of nutrition in the body. Many people think that eating less or not eating rice can reduce weight, which is actually a great threat to health. Low sugar intake may lead to low blood sugar, which may cause some diseases in the long run.

You can lose weight without eating carbohydrates.

Many people think that skipping carbs is a good way to lose weight. In fact, one of the main reasons people gain weight is because they consume more calories than they consume. Of course, not eating carbs will lose weight quickly, but lose water instead of fat. Inadequate intake of carbohydrates can lead to fatigue and other physical discomfort. Therefore, a certain carbohydrate intake is the basis for maintaining normal physical activity.

Eating only fruits and vegetables can help you lose weight.

Some people think vegetable, fruit has no heat, can rest assured big eat. There is no denying that eating a diet rich in fiber, such as vegetarian and vegetable and fruit, is really good for weight loss. But if you eat only vegetables and fruits instead of staple foods, you may lose more weight. In fact, many fruits and vegetables also contain a large amount of carbohydrates. In addition, the calories and sugar in fruit are also quite high, so the dieters should avoid eating fruits and vegetables without limit.

The less calories you eat, the faster you lose weight.

Controlling your daily calorie intake is the most basic way to lose weight, but it’s not the less you eat, the thinner you get. If long-term daily intake of calories is lower than your body needs calories, the body’s energy saving mechanism will be started, on the one hand, not only the absorption rate will increase, but also can cause metabolic rate of energy consumption is reduced, the weight not only fall not come down, still can cause the hormone imbalance, decreases fatter more for you.

In a word, you only know what mistakes are there when you lose weight, and only better understanding these mistakes can effectively achieve the goal of slimming.

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