Can a girl drink carbonated drinks? What’s the harm?

Can pregnant women drink carbonated drinks?

Pregnant women drink carbonated drinks to be adverse to health, should be aware of drink less. Because fetuses in the womb are sensitive to cold and hot stimulation, heavy consumption of fizzy drinks can lead to more frequent placements. At the same time, carbonated drinks contain a lot of sugar and citric acid, etc., easy to cause pregnant women to eat sugar and salt, increase the burden of the stomach, resulting in swollen feet. In addition, most carbonated beverages contain phosphoric acid, which can easily affect calcium absorption, and long-term drinking can affect the bone development of the fetus.


Drink carbonated beverages

1. Affecting bone

Most carbonated drinks contain phosphoric acid, which may change the body’s calcium and phosphorus ratio. Heavy consumption of fizzy drinks can also lead to osteoporosis, which can greatly affect the body’s absorption of calcium and the abnormal loss of calcium. When physical activity is intense, excessive consumption of carbonated beverages can lead to fracture.

2. Erosion of teeth

It was previously reported that an American man had lost all his teeth due to his love of carbonated drinks. Because the acidic components of carbonated drinks have a strong corrosive effect on the teeth, drinking carbonated drinks can cause the teeth to become thinner and the teeth become vulnerable, exacerbating the oral problems and causing the teeth to be corroded.

3. Stomach discomfort

Carbonated drinks contain more acidic substances, which can lead to an increase in acidity in the stomach, resulting in undesirable stimulation. Excessive consumption of fizzy drinks can cause stomach pain. Because it can even damage the gastric mucosa; It can cause gastrointestinal disorders. Especially if the stomach function is not good, it is recommended to drink less soda.

4. Loss of appetite

After drinking carbonated drinks, it is known that after the lower mouth, there will be a feeling of gas rising, which is the release of carbon dioxide causing abdominal distension in the stomach, which can lead to loss of appetite. This affects the digestion and absorption of food, especially for children, who drink carbonated drinks and have no appetite.


Can fizzy drinks be fat?

A lot of love beautiful girl, to carbonated drink again love and cruel, to avoid, make carbonated beverage as the stumbling block on the way of reducing weight. Can fizzy drinks really be fat?

Most people have some misconceptions about the amount of calories that are common in life. Actually quantity of heat low of carbonated soft drinks, such as Coca-Cola 43 kilocalorie quantity of heat only, and the bean curd is 81 kilocalorie, rice 116 kilocalorie, bread has 313 kilocalorie, relatively speaking, coke is lowest energy food. So it’s not clear that carbonated drinks will gain weight, which is a misunderstanding of carbonated drinks.

When scientists studied the diets of obese people, no food or drink was found to be the underlying cause of obesity. Some studies have shown that weight gain is associated with sugar or soft drinks, but there are also many tests that show that there is no relationship at all.

So, for girls who want to slim down, there’s no need to worry about getting fat in moderation. The main thing is to strengthen exercise, to use extra energy is the right way to stay slim.

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