These 10 habits make you younger.

Age will be written on the face, looking at the wrinkles in the mirror, everyone is eager to get the care of the years. Thankfully, a number of studies have found that good living habits are like “preservatives” that help keep you young, and paying attention to the details of your life can make you look younger.


Sing songs every day. Choir singers are healthier, less depressed and look younger than the average person, according to a new study by the University of Washington at George. This is because singing promotes dopamine production and helps relieve stress. And the old people sing most of the songs are learned when young, can follow the song back to the memory of happy youth, back to the feeling of youth. Often sing also can increase vital capacity, when the oxygen content in the blood increases, aging will slow down. It is best to choose a song that is brisk and delightful. Singing two songs a day will bring a good mood to the day.

Get along with your grandchildren. A recent study at Iowa State University in the United States found that grandfathers and grandchildren living together can help older people have a young heart. Several generations of together, happy, can enhance family relations, create a harmonious atmosphere of life. When the old man is in a good mood and full of hope in life, he is more positive and optimistic. Moreover, children are lively and active, and the elderly will be more willing to take part in sports. They are 20 percent less likely to get sick than those who cannot live with their grandchildren. Therefore, young couples should take their children to visit the elderly as much as possible, organize more family gatherings on weekends, or often pick up old people to live with them.

Do a big shopping in your spare time. Researchers in marketing and psychology at the University of Kinmen in San Francisco have found that before shopping, people generate a wealth of psychological activity that naturally imagines their future use of new items and their future lives. This will make people have a beautiful vision, the mood can not help but happy. For the elderly, even going to the vegetable market every day to buy food will lead to a sense of satisfaction in arranging your life and taking care of your own affairs, reducing negative emotions such as “old age, no use” and so on. The study also found that shopping stimulates the brain to release the pleasure hormone dopamine, keeping the body in a positive state and thus appears younger and more active.

Work goes on and on. A new study published in the American Journal of Health Economics found that retirement later in life does not affect people’s enjoyment of happy old age, but can make people feel better, better looking and younger. On the one hand, it is because continuing to work can better keep the brain and body active and reduce the risk of cognitive impairment; on the other hand, people have a fixed social network while at work, which reduces the possibility of social loneliness. Therefore, within the limits of body and energy, even when the retirement age is reached, you can also participate in more work that can give play to the remaining heat, enhance your sense of value, and reduce the sense of loss that is “useless”, which will help to keep young forever.

Faith. . Several studies have confirmed a link between faith and longevity. The beliefs here do not necessarily come from religion, but can also be an optimistic attitude towards life, a source of inner strength, or even a passionate hobby that provides strong support for life. Encourage people to learn, pursue and move up. Many people feel that they live well without faith, but those who have faith will have a better understanding of the meaning of life and will be inspired by this positive energy to maintain a young, pure, positive heart.


Eat less sugar. Studies have shown that people aged 50 to 70 who have elevated blood sugar levels can look older for five to seven months. California skin care doctor Awa? Avoid consuming too much refined sugar in your diet, because it binds to collagen in the skin, weakens the ability of collagen to repair and regenerate the skin, leading to premature wrinkles and relaxation, Sambin said. The WHO recommends that adults limit their daily sugar intake to about 5 grams, or about 6 teaspoons, of the total energy consumed on the same day. In the daily diet to actively reduce sugar, away from all kinds of hidden sugar foods, try to choose sugar substitutes, such as using fruit instead of sweets, cooking with orange peel, lemon juice instead of sugar sweet taste.

Return to nature on weekends. Stephen? a social ecologist at Yale University, USA? Dr Kellert says more outdoor walks and a return to nature help boost people’s mood and self-confidence and make them younger. A study by the University of Essex in the UK also confirmed that people who had regular exposure to nature were less likely to develop bad emotions such as anger depression and tension. Because the green eyes, flowers and birds and other sensory information will stimulate the brain, while staying at home is blocking outside information, let people age faster. You might as well use the weekend time to go out, can choose to walk, cycling and other low-intensity aerobic exercise, or fast walking, fishing, boating, growing vegetables and other outdoor leisure lifestyle. Do not worry that there is no natural scenery near home, go to the park, botanical garden and other “green areas” have the same effect.

I often practice Taijiquan. Exercise around three times a week makes people look younger, according to a study by the American Medical Association’s Sports Medicine Section, which prevents dermis thinning and cuticle thickening, speeds up metabolism and reverses “skin age.” And the Tufts University Medical Center found that Taijiquan is gentle, has little impact, and is suitable for almost everyone. In addition to improving balance, leg strength, cardiovascular endurance, pulse rate, muscle flexibility and immunity, regular Taiji training can also enhance self-confidence, happiness and self-worth, and make people feel younger.

Make more outgoing friends. Australian scholars have found that building close friendships is the secret of staying young. Because friends are a treasure house, can provide emotional support, let people feel loved, promote the brain to produce oxytocin, help delay aging. But it’s best to make friends who are cheerful and have a positive attitude toward life, because happiness and youth can be contagious. A Harvard University study found that every time a happy new partner was added to the social circle, happiness increased by 9 percent, while for every unhappy partner added, happiness fell by 7 percent.

Walking the dog every day. Dogs and other pets can allow people to obtain peace of mind, eliminate loneliness, bring friendship and warmth, but also make owners more love life, love life. Pet ownership also lowers blood pressure, promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and keeps the body young, the study found. And, according to a British survey, dog owners get more exercise time than gym members. On average, dog owners take their babies out for 48 minutes every day. At the end of the week, the walking time can be up to 5 hours and 38 minutes, the effect is equivalent to fitness. Also, having a dog can help you get to know more friends and enrich your social life. Older people may want to consider keeping a pet company, which can bring you more smiles.

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