The new method is expected to detect allergies by saliva ahead of time.

The body’s immune system disorders can trigger multiple autoimmune diseases such as allergies, type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis, which can only be diagnosed when symptoms appear. Russian researchers have developed a test to diagnose such diseases by saliva before symptoms appear.


Saliva is a kind of body fluid, it contains the same immune protein as the blood, and easy to collect.

Researchers at the st. Petersburg institute of technology in Russia used lasers to illuminate saliva samples, which disperse the light, and the sensors then record the scattered light.

By analyzing the intensity of the light over a period of time, the researchers were able to determine the size of the substance in the saliva. When the immune system is activated, the protein binds and becomes larger. Different people have different amounts of substance in their saliva, which is mainly caused by certain diseases in the body. Therefore, this method is expected to determine whether the human body responds appropriately to the infection and then makes a diagnosis of the disease.

Researchers say the method is cheap and effective. Clinical trials have shown that patients can increase their chances of recovery by detecting the condition of their illness before symptoms appear. The method can also be used to test how individuals respond to drugs in advance, helping people to better use drugs.

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