Often eat kelp and benefits

When it comes to kelp, I believe everyone is no stranger. Kelp is a very important element, whether it is fried vegetables or hot pot or fragrant pot. In addition, kelp has a lot of edible value, but even so, kelp is not edible for everyone. In this article, I want to know who can’t eat.


Edible value of kelp.

First, detoxification and pigmentation improve metabolism.

Sea urchins are rich in fiber, and these foods can effectively help promote intestinal peristalsis, increase excretion, and, in the process of excretion, absorb some free fat. It can be seen that it is very helpful for intestinal cleaning, and kelp is alkaline, and its detoxification function is also very good. Metabolism is very important to a person’s physical quality, and the ability to metabolize is strong, so as to prevent food from accumulating into fat. And eating more kelp can increase the metabolism rate of the human body, can make a person’s spirit more abundant, make the body more healthy.

Second, expelling phlegm and protecting trachea.

Kelp cold, in which the fiber can clear the digestive tract bacteria virus and the existence of sputum, can effectively achieve expectorant effect, reduce sputum stay in the organs, can achieve the effect of water swelling, Chronic bronchitis and asthma can be improved by increasing the consumption of kelp.

Third, calcium supplementation to promote absorption.

Kelp has extremely high nutritional value. In addition to its rich vitamin C, it contains a lot of crude protein, sugar, calcium and iron elements, and the absorption effect of calcium elements in kelp is good. Therefore, children as well as the elderly eat kelp more can play a very good health effect.

Fourth, beauty and shine skin.

Kelp juice can effectively improve the brightness of the skin, can be adjusted for the darker skin color, and can also moisturize the skin after boiling with kelp juice and adding water. After a period of time can be found that the skin is more and more smooth and shiny, of course, the direct consumption of kelp can also achieve the effect of moisturizing the skin, if the effect of internal and external merger is better.

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