Moderate consumption of spicy food is favorable for lowering blood pressure

It is not true to hear recently that people with high blood pressure should not eat chili to avoid raising blood pressure. Capsicum not only will not cause blood pressure to rise, but also has a certain role in lowering blood pressure, hypertension patients with moderate spicy eating is good.


Specifically, eating spicy foods not only has a mild direct hypotensive effect, but also reduces the incidence of stroke and has a certain protective effect on the heart and blood vessels. It helps to resist arteriosclerosis, reverse ventricular hypertrophy, increase exercise tolerance, reduce fatty liver, and reduce blood sugar.

We all know that eating too much salt increases the risk of high blood pressure and raises blood pressure levels. Proper spicy food can improve the taste of food, for the usually heavier taste, it is difficult to reduce salt intake of patients with hypertension, the use of peppers can reduce the need for salt, thus indirectly play a role in lowering blood pressure. Some studies have found that eating chili can also promote the excretion of sodium, and also help lower blood pressure.

Of course, eating chilli (especially too spicy chili) for a long time may have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract, so people with high blood pressure can eat only moderately hot, not too much.

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