Five wrong ways to eat eggs.

Eating eggs often makes eight mistakes, 90% of them don’t know.


Eggs are the main character in many home-cooked dishes. However, not everyone knows their cooking skills. We have summed up the “common mistakes in cooking eggs” for your reference.

Crack the egg on the edge of a bowl or hearth. Choose a clean stove top and other flat surfaces (rather than a bowl) to break the egg, preventing the shell from falling into the bowl and causing pollution, while avoiding the waste of the eggs that are brought out of the shell.

Boil eggs in boiling water. Try not to boil the egg in boiling water, otherwise it will cause the shell to break, the egg liquid will flow out, and easily burn the finger. The correct way to do this is to boil the egg in cold water, heat it slowly, boil it for 3 minutes, then let it soak for 5 minutes. The eggs are tender and the yolks are frozen and not old.

Wait for boiled eggs to cool and then peel. This is not only time-consuming, but also easy to leave the egg white on the shell, causing waste. It is not wasteful to save time and effort, when the boiled eggs are taken out and immediately put in cold water, when the feeling is not hot, peel the shell as quickly as possible.

Scrambled eggs with fire. It is easy to stir fry the egg and cause it to taste hard. Scrambled eggs are best served with medium and low heat, so the eggs are not old, and the texture is smoother.

Whip the egg before the omelet. The scrambled eggs are hard to make. It doesn’t have to be too strong, and if you add water or cream, it’s not easy to cook, and it’s soft and tasty.

Add salt to a poached egg. When poached, just add a dash of vinegar (not salt) in hot water (not to boil). After cooking for 3 to 4 minutes, you can remove the eggs, so that the boiled eggs are more tender.

Use an iron pan. It’s better to cook eggs in a non-stick pan than a stainless steel pan or iron pan. The reason is simple: once the egg is sticky, the egg will become sticky.

When you cook with eggs, you end up with the seasoning. For scrambled eggs and omelets, add salt and pepper to make sure the seasoning is even.

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