Five walks are bad for your health.

Don’t look down on a walk. It’s a simple act that everyone can do with their legs, but not many people can actually do the right thing. Incorrect posture is not only ugly, but also prone to fatigue, which can lead to leg, back pain and even physical damage.


Mistake 1: lower your head with your chest.

The most common mistake for walking is to lower your head or tilt your body. The stretching space of the lungs is “compressed” when the chest is contained, and the breathing becomes short and easy to affect the cardiopulmonary function. Over time, you will find that your breath is very shallow, and often the breath does not enter the lungs and is rushed out, which is bad for the body’s oxygen supply. Leaning forward or backward causes your body to lose balance, causing unnecessary stress on your lower back, which can lead to joint pain.

When you walk, raise your head and make a straight line between your neck and the rest of your spine. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and put away your tummy. There’s a way to check, take a deep breath, exhale and notice how your shoulders hang down, and your chest down.

Mistake 2: too much.

Waving your arms is a big step, and many people think it’s a sign of good spirits. However, in stride, the legs are often pushed out of the leg, and the foot “bam” falls on the ground. Walking in this position, the cushioning of the foot of the foot is poor, easily aggravating the knee joint injury. And your feet are too far away to give you any motivation to move forward in front of you and your body. Walk daily with your most comfortable stride. If you are walking, the steps are slightly larger, but it is appropriate to not affect your feet.

Mistake 3: bring the wrong thing.

Don’t take too much in your hand while walking. Holding too much weight can cause injuries to your shoulders and forearms. But don’t forget to bring water. Drink at least 1 cup of water every 30 minutes, and if you feel you’re having trouble with your hands, put it in your pocket or use an insulated pitcher to hold the water bottle.

Mistake 4: walk fast but suddenly stop.

If you walk quickly, you suddenly stop, which can lead to pain and a series of injuries. It’s best to start slowly, taking 5 minutes of slow walking, which increases blood flow to your leg muscles and warms the blood. After warm up, you can accelerate and increase energy consumption. Finally, get cold. Take the last 5 to 10 minutes to slow down, and use the slow pace again to cool your body. If you stop suddenly, all the extra blood is pumped into your leg muscles and heart, making you feel dizzy and overheated.

Error 5: repeat the same route.

Many people don’t bother to plan their route, they go on the same route every day, it’s boring, it’s not easy to stick to it, it’s better to try to change course. If you’ve been walking in the park, might as well walk around the garden, botanical garden, walk or a slightly undulating mountain, it is better than walking there will be a flat terrain movement effect, can also enjoy more scenery.

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