5 foods go bad faster in the refrigerator

On weekdays, we are used to stacking all kinds of food in the refrigerator, but not all foods are suitable for the refrigerator. Some of the food put in the refrigerator is “bad” more quickly.


Bread, steamed bread dried and hardened.

Bread, steamed bread, twistbread, white cake and other starchy foods can be stored at room temperature in a day or two. If they are refrigerated, they will accelerate the drying and hardening of food, due to a process known as “starch aging and rebirth.” This change also occurs at room temperature, but faster at refrigerated temperatures.

Bananas and mangoes are afraid of frostbite.

These fruits should be stored around 12 ℃, can be placed in the cool room temperature, too low temperature will make them frozen “hurt”, black, rotten.

Tea and milk powder are susceptible to mildew.

These foods themselves can be stored at room temperature, and do not need to be stored at low temperature. If you put them in the refrigerator without strict sealing, they will make the miscellaneous taste and moisture in the refrigerator intrude into the food, which will not only affect the flavor, but also become moldy and bad.

Honey and preserved fruit taste.

High osmotic pressure and low moisture content of foods with high sugar content are not suitable for deterioration. They can be stored at room temperature. After being placed in the refrigerator, the crystallization of food will be promoted by low temperature. Although this change does not affect food safety, it will affect the color and taste of food. Chocolate in the refrigerator after cold storage, will produce a layer of white cream on the surface, affect the taste, and easily moldy deterioration.

Accelerated deterioration of green pepper and cucumber.

The storage temperature of cucumber is 10 ℃ to 12 ℃, and that of green pepper is 7 ℃ to 8 ℃. There are black spots on the surface, and no taste, not cooked, or even rancidity rot.

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