4 cases show that your blood is sticky

Because the elasticity of the vascular wall is weakened, the cells in the official cavity become compressed, which in turn leads to blood viscosity, which slows down the blood flow and promotes the outbreak of cardiovascular disease.


Generally speaking, if the elderly have the following four symptoms, that the blood viscosity in the body may be high, should be necessary for examination and treatment.

I feel dizzy in the morning and awake at night. People with high blood viscosity get up in the morning and feel dizzy, without the feeling of clear brain and smooth thinking after waking up.

Shortness of breath while squatting. People with high blood viscosity are more likely to be obese. These people have difficulty squatting, and some people simply can’t squat to work, or squat to work with shortness of breath. This is because people squat, back to the heart of the blood decreased, coupled with excessive blood viscosity, lung, brain and other important organs ischemia, resulting in dyspnea, choking and so on.

Paroxysmal vision blur. Some middle and old people still can eyesight at ordinary times, but often temporary eyesight blur the circumstance.This is because the high blood viscosity of the human blood can not fully nourish the optic nerve, so that the optic nerve and retina temporary ischemia and hypoxia, resulting in paroxysmal vision blurred.

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