What is the neuroplasticity for curing brain injury?

Our brain is not static. According to research, every synapse of our brain may change with time. Neuroplasticity makes it possible to retrieve memory, strengthen the brain, strengthen learning ability or even strengthen some other ability.

Eat 14 foods to treat gastroesophageal reflux (and 4 preventive measures)

In life, we often feel heartburn, such as heartburn caused by drinking alcohol, strong tea, coffee, and eating some stimulating food. In fact, these are all symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux. Most people think that this is caused by improper diet and do not care much about it. However, when these symptoms occur frequently or accompany…

Barbecue: The best tips for healthier enjoyment

It seems a good idea to enjoy barbecue with your family, but the health problems that follow can also be a headache. How to eat a barbecue healthily? This article wants to help you solve this problem. We have tips in text and picture on how to get the barbecue season off to a good…

6 simple ways to help you drink more water

Regular water consumption during the day is essential to the functioning of our body. And it becomes all the more important with the arrival of the sunny days. Here are the best tips for integrating it into our daily lives.

How to clean your navel in a natural way

The navel is a sensitive area that we often forget. If you look carefully, the navel may be one of the places in your body where bacteria are most easily hidden.